Friday, October 26, 2012


after a night of no sleep
my husband finally told me we have to go back
i did not want to get out of bed
i told him, i am going to stand up and this baby is going to come out
its going to be one of those crazy birth stories at home
i was crying
going back to the hospital was at 30 minutes
i knew we had to go over 4 train tracks and numerous potholes
i cried some more
i finally got up and shuffled to the car
matted greasy hair, looking like a zombie
totally different agenda than last night, i did not care what i looked like
i went from crying to cursing all the way there
i didn't even call the doctor, i just showed up in labor and delivery around 10am?
i was the crazy woman in the wheelchair
how just a few hours ago, i walked happily into L&D
my husband pushed me in and i said to the desk clerk
i was here last night they sent me pain on  a scale of 1 to 10 is 100 and i'm bleeding
no wait off to the delivery room
waiting for the doctor, my momma showed up
i was clutching the side rails on the bed
the nurses were puzzled, still no contractions on the monitor
finally the dr comes in and checks - oh wow you are at 7 almost 8
Dr - "did they really send you home last night?"
Me - uh yes, when can i get drugs?
the epidural, 45 minutes of poking all while having toe curling contractions and being told not to move
but then - relief!  the fog was lifted i was a whole different person
labor - this is easy i just needed drugs
i now had an internal monitor and my contractions were off the charts
the resident from last night came in to apologize
i didn't care i was in lala land very relaxed
finally at 4:30 it was time
i could not feel a thing, the dr told me i was squeezing not pushing
seriously i was completely numb
at 6:30 we were almost there
6:43pm my beautiful little girl arrived
i had no idea, i was still pushing with my eyes closed
my dr told me to stop
but wait -wasn't she crying
i was supposed to holding her
they had rushed her over to the table
a million "bad" things went through my mind
and finally after a few seconds i heard the crys
then i held my baby girl
and life was perfect
and still is today


  1. Giving birth is always so unglamorous and messy! HAHA But than the perfect little bundle of joy comes out and all is right with the world.

    Love that you shared your birth story

    "45 minutes of poking all while having toe curling contractions and being told not to move" <--- I can so relate :\

  2. love this. :)
    you did a great job - she's amazing. :)