Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Bucket List

Trying to squeeze in Strawberry Picking this weekend - almost all the local farms are out : (
So maybe blueberry picking
Trips to the Zoo
Splash Pad
Drive In Movie
Weekend Road Trip - Door County!
Concerts @ soldier field
Visit to a Farm
Baseball Game
Sprinkler Fun
4th of July Fireworks & Parade
Movie at the Park
Picnic Dinners
Sidewalk Paint
Saturday Farmers Market
DuPage Fair
Consuming  lots of berries, icecream and tomato sandwiches

Thursday, February 21, 2013

One of the things I miss most now are my lazy days, my real lazy days of curling up on the couch after a really long week in my “I wound never leave the house with these clothes on” and watching a marathon of my favorite shows or some mindless tween movie or the we already know what’s going to happen romantic comedy – in hindsight I probably spent way too many hours watching tv – looking back I laugh that sometimes my biggest worry some evenings was what I going to watch on tv…days of the WB – gilmore girls, dawsons creek and my beloved veronica mars – oh how I miss veronica mars.  These days my dvr is ready to explode – I usually only make time for scandal and nashville.   If we are lucky tony and I get to indulge in a redbox movie, so we try to be selective but sometimes I just need the mindless entertainment of those tween movies. I stayed up way too late but these two hit the spot –  –pitch perfect surprised me, it was I thought really funny and the music was good and a decent storyline.  Katy Perry I had no idea what to expect – I had a little more respect for her at the end and actually felt bad for her hoping she would find herself love again one day.  But then I remembered she was dating John Mayer – talk about setting yourself up for disaster – again.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

the love list

in honor of valentines day and inspired by katrina my love list

Friday, January 11, 2013

Five for Friday

1} i just post about my clean eating habits and now all i am obsessed with is superbowl food -
damn food blogs! thinking i must include this & this...

2} we obviously have said no to lauren way too many times...all she likes to say back to us is no no no...and so the backtalk begins

3} the best thing about the new year - out with old, in with new - last week it was my kitchen - i have done some major purging (anyone want cookbooks? - i get rid of like 25 of them) which means i can shop for new goodies..i got all new spices, got rid of some old crappy pans - used christmas money and credit card points for this and next weekend some new make up - barb - are you ready?

4} this weekend i have to take down my christmas decoration, i really need the room in the house but honestly i do not want to haul out boxes and repack..its the worst part

5} its friday, that alone makes me happy enough

Thursday, January 3, 2013

the holiday

where my money went all season - target
holiday happiness in my favorite red cup
holiday baking - a day with my mom and a couple late nights for me
shopping with lauren - what can i say she has good taste #michaelkors
she was obsessed with a charlie brown christmas and LOVED the display at the mall
christmas eve & day was at my parents - lots of love on her cousins
a cell phone that grandpa keeps giving her because he hates to see her cry #spoiled
a superhero christmas for my newphew - highly highly recommed this etsy shop - she was amazing
help with chrismtas dinner, christmas stories with grandpa
christmas pjs and late night snuggles while falling asleep to christmas music - my favorite night
christmas morning was a success - she ran out and loved to unwrap
much to my mom's dismay she got a "princess" castle - it has music and spins around that's all lauren cares about
her favorite gift - her own set of "keys" - stainless steel,she can chew, nontoxic, made in usa - kleynimals 
our homemade stockings - lauren is the 5th generation to get them
our family ornament 2012
christmas brunch - must have mimosas
this spinach & cheese strata - we added roasted red peppers and olives - its now will be a new tradition

Monday, December 17, 2012


i sit, still trying to understand such a tragedy
hug and kiss my baby even more
hope she will never witness another of its kind
wish there was a mommy bubble to protect them
grieve so hard for the families of all those involved

my heart aches for those babies and the horror they went through
their parents and the nightmare they are experiencing
friday night - thinking of those babies not with their families

no more news, i can't stomach any more details

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

holly jolly christmas

*loving philosophy peppermint bark shower gel 
*a new mini santa = childhood nostalgia , my husband finds it creepy, lauren loves it - the girls win, it stays
*introduced lauren to the muppets, i'm sure i enjoyed it more but she loved dancing to the songs
*lots of time at home this year - blankets, twinkle lights,  pajamas, playtime
*where did my baby go? little miss independant
*going to see santa = a total fail.  lauren would not let go of me but i did manage some pictures in front of the gorgeous tree because well my tree will never look like this and in case you are curious i still have no ornaments on mine

i did manage 1 christmas craft (thank you pinterest)
again i let go of expectations, as you can see from my horrible cutting job (it was 1am and i of course couldn't find any good scissors) - i kept telling myself, she's only 1 and wouldn't care
she still liked it, best $3 i have spent - it has kept her very entertained in the kitchen while i cook
 next year i will definately make a nicer one