Friday, January 11, 2013

Five for Friday

1} i just post about my clean eating habits and now all i am obsessed with is superbowl food -
damn food blogs! thinking i must include this & this...

2} we obviously have said no to lauren way too many times...all she likes to say back to us is no no no...and so the backtalk begins

3} the best thing about the new year - out with old, in with new - last week it was my kitchen - i have done some major purging (anyone want cookbooks? - i get rid of like 25 of them) which means i can shop for new goodies..i got all new spices, got rid of some old crappy pans - used christmas money and credit card points for this and next weekend some new make up - barb - are you ready?

4} this weekend i have to take down my christmas decoration, i really need the room in the house but honestly i do not want to haul out boxes and repack..its the worst part

5} its friday, that alone makes me happy enough


  1. Ooooh, I love cookbooks!! What do you have?

    I have to admit that I read this and thought "superbowl? when?" - I am SO not a sports fan!!

  2. No No No will soon be replaced by (imagine hand on hip) I TOLD YOU!

    :) I can't imagine where this sassy back talk comes from.

  3. Fortunately the Super Bowl, is only for one evening of the entire year, so I think you'll be okay to indulge a little ;) . AND YAY to new make up ! I signed up for you pay 10 dollars a month and they send you make up samples, it's pretty fun :)

  4. Super excited for next weekend!!!!

  5. dude, football food is the worst/best for me!
    i cannot NOT make multiple disgustingly awesome dips and chips and all that goodness.