Thursday, January 3, 2013

the holiday

where my money went all season - target
holiday happiness in my favorite red cup
holiday baking - a day with my mom and a couple late nights for me
shopping with lauren - what can i say she has good taste #michaelkors
she was obsessed with a charlie brown christmas and LOVED the display at the mall
christmas eve & day was at my parents - lots of love on her cousins
a cell phone that grandpa keeps giving her because he hates to see her cry #spoiled
a superhero christmas for my newphew - highly highly recommed this etsy shop - she was amazing
help with chrismtas dinner, christmas stories with grandpa
christmas pjs and late night snuggles while falling asleep to christmas music - my favorite night
christmas morning was a success - she ran out and loved to unwrap
much to my mom's dismay she got a "princess" castle - it has music and spins around that's all lauren cares about
her favorite gift - her own set of "keys" - stainless steel,she can chew, nontoxic, made in usa - kleynimals 
our homemade stockings - lauren is the 5th generation to get them
our family ornament 2012
christmas brunch - must have mimosas
this spinach & cheese strata - we added roasted red peppers and olives - its now will be a new tradition


  1. Hey did you steal my target receipts?! ;) Love all the photos!! So cool. You have to teach me how to make these awesome collages!! Lauren is adorable! ;)

  2. Looks like you had a WONDERFUL Christmas. I can't lie I want hug and squish Lauren, she is too cute. I love the photo of you and her together. <3

    Now I have to figure out what this strata business is. Hope you had a great New Year. (I gave the majority of my money to Target too.)