Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Bucket List

Trying to squeeze in Strawberry Picking this weekend - almost all the local farms are out : (
So maybe blueberry picking
Trips to the Zoo
Splash Pad
Drive In Movie
Weekend Road Trip - Door County!
Concerts @ soldier field
Visit to a Farm
Baseball Game
Sprinkler Fun
4th of July Fireworks & Parade
Movie at the Park
Picnic Dinners
Sidewalk Paint
Saturday Farmers Market
DuPage Fair
Consuming  lots of berries, icecream and tomato sandwiches

Thursday, February 21, 2013

One of the things I miss most now are my lazy days, my real lazy days of curling up on the couch after a really long week in my “I wound never leave the house with these clothes on” and watching a marathon of my favorite shows or some mindless tween movie or the we already know what’s going to happen romantic comedy – in hindsight I probably spent way too many hours watching tv – looking back I laugh that sometimes my biggest worry some evenings was what I going to watch on tv…days of the WB – gilmore girls, dawsons creek and my beloved veronica mars – oh how I miss veronica mars.  These days my dvr is ready to explode – I usually only make time for scandal and nashville.   If we are lucky tony and I get to indulge in a redbox movie, so we try to be selective but sometimes I just need the mindless entertainment of those tween movies. I stayed up way too late but these two hit the spot –  –pitch perfect surprised me, it was I thought really funny and the music was good and a decent storyline.  Katy Perry I had no idea what to expect – I had a little more respect for her at the end and actually felt bad for her hoping she would find herself love again one day.  But then I remembered she was dating John Mayer – talk about setting yourself up for disaster – again.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

the love list

in honor of valentines day and inspired by katrina my love list

Friday, January 11, 2013

Five for Friday

1} i just post about my clean eating habits and now all i am obsessed with is superbowl food -
damn food blogs! thinking i must include this & this...

2} we obviously have said no to lauren way too many times...all she likes to say back to us is no no no...and so the backtalk begins

3} the best thing about the new year - out with old, in with new - last week it was my kitchen - i have done some major purging (anyone want cookbooks? - i get rid of like 25 of them) which means i can shop for new goodies..i got all new spices, got rid of some old crappy pans - used christmas money and credit card points for this and next weekend some new make up - barb - are you ready?

4} this weekend i have to take down my christmas decoration, i really need the room in the house but honestly i do not want to haul out boxes and repack..its the worst part

5} its friday, that alone makes me happy enough

Thursday, January 3, 2013

the holiday

where my money went all season - target
holiday happiness in my favorite red cup
holiday baking - a day with my mom and a couple late nights for me
shopping with lauren - what can i say she has good taste #michaelkors
she was obsessed with a charlie brown christmas and LOVED the display at the mall
christmas eve & day was at my parents - lots of love on her cousins
a cell phone that grandpa keeps giving her because he hates to see her cry #spoiled
a superhero christmas for my newphew - highly highly recommed this etsy shop - she was amazing
help with chrismtas dinner, christmas stories with grandpa
christmas pjs and late night snuggles while falling asleep to christmas music - my favorite night
christmas morning was a success - she ran out and loved to unwrap
much to my mom's dismay she got a "princess" castle - it has music and spins around that's all lauren cares about
her favorite gift - her own set of "keys" - stainless steel,she can chew, nontoxic, made in usa - kleynimals 
our homemade stockings - lauren is the 5th generation to get them
our family ornament 2012
christmas brunch - must have mimosas
this spinach & cheese strata - we added roasted red peppers and olives - its now will be a new tradition