Thursday, February 21, 2013

One of the things I miss most now are my lazy days, my real lazy days of curling up on the couch after a really long week in my “I wound never leave the house with these clothes on” and watching a marathon of my favorite shows or some mindless tween movie or the we already know what’s going to happen romantic comedy – in hindsight I probably spent way too many hours watching tv – looking back I laugh that sometimes my biggest worry some evenings was what I going to watch on tv…days of the WB – gilmore girls, dawsons creek and my beloved veronica mars – oh how I miss veronica mars.  These days my dvr is ready to explode – I usually only make time for scandal and nashville.   If we are lucky tony and I get to indulge in a redbox movie, so we try to be selective but sometimes I just need the mindless entertainment of those tween movies. I stayed up way too late but these two hit the spot –  –pitch perfect surprised me, it was I thought really funny and the music was good and a decent storyline.  Katy Perry I had no idea what to expect – I had a little more respect for her at the end and actually felt bad for her hoping she would find herself love again one day.  But then I remembered she was dating John Mayer – talk about setting yourself up for disaster – again.


  1. I hear you. A do nothing day sounds so luxurious! Some day, friend. Some day.

  2. pitch perfect made me laugh so hard i was crying a number of times.
    it is a must own in our house.