Wednesday, November 10, 2010

right now....

listening: carpenters christmas album
eating: sundried tomato & basil wheat thins
drinking: iced tea
wearing: usual work ensemble - black pants, grey ann taylor tank, jcrew cardigan and cute heels
feeling: a little on edge
weather: perfect for fall
wanting: the weekend to be here
needing: a new winter coat
thinking: how nice it is to have already worked out
enjoying: the end of the work day & an evening with my husband
wondering: what to get everyone for christmas

Friday, November 5, 2010

November to do

Inspired by Summer's post

change my last name (officially)
bake multiple batches of bran muffins
workout 4x a week
buy new candles
do thanksgiving morning prep with mom that inlcludes mimosas and the macys parade
put flannel sheets on the bed
cherish the 1st snow
blast christmas music 24/7
plan for the holidays
wake up at 3am on black friday
see harry potter
take more pictures
take another walk to savor the crunching leaves beneath my feet
finish cleaning and organizing all the closets
prepare the guest room for holiday visitors
make pots of chicken noodle soup
watch old episodes of marth stewart for the best holiday tips
try 3 new recipes

Monday, November 1, 2010

November Delight

and here we are..november

october was a month filled with so much
getting married, a roadtrip, family time

i sit here at my desk snacking on leftover halloween candy
listening to christmas music
planning a thanksgiving menu
getting excited over wishlists, black friday and upcoming holiday traditions
anticipating the holiday season like no other
savoring every moment of it knowing it will pass by in flash