Wednesday, December 12, 2012

holly jolly christmas

*loving philosophy peppermint bark shower gel 
*a new mini santa = childhood nostalgia , my husband finds it creepy, lauren loves it - the girls win, it stays
*introduced lauren to the muppets, i'm sure i enjoyed it more but she loved dancing to the songs
*lots of time at home this year - blankets, twinkle lights,  pajamas, playtime
*where did my baby go? little miss independant
*going to see santa = a total fail.  lauren would not let go of me but i did manage some pictures in front of the gorgeous tree because well my tree will never look like this and in case you are curious i still have no ornaments on mine

i did manage 1 christmas craft (thank you pinterest)
again i let go of expectations, as you can see from my horrible cutting job (it was 1am and i of course couldn't find any good scissors) - i kept telling myself, she's only 1 and wouldn't care
she still liked it, best $3 i have spent - it has kept her very entertained in the kitchen while i cook
 next year i will definately make a nicer one


  1. lauren is so darn cute.
    love the tree!

  2. love this.
    and that CUUUUUUUUUUUUTE baby girl of yours.