Wednesday, December 5, 2012

making spirits bright

the hustle and bustle has begun
i have no craft projects, december daily or perfectly decorated home to share
i am limiting my time on pinterest and blogs because they make me feel inadequate
i felt like a rockstar because i actually ordered my christmas cards before december 1st
but they along with everything else are sitting on my kitchen table waiting to be addressed 
my tree is up and has lights but still not decorated
i'm constantly tripping over jingle bell elmo and a christmas train
but this year i am okay with it

i made a list of everything i really wanted to do this year
making it simple
and sticking to it

i loved nora's manifesto and decided to "adopt" it!

a little homemade - only 2 craft projects planned
create family merriment - our bucket list - visits to santa , peanuts christmas display, holiday magic at the zoo
keep cozy - more nights at home , movies with twinkle lights, under my favorite blanket on my couch - perfect 
give well - santa letters from work and i volunteered to do a food drive for the chicago food depository
carry on traditions - gingerbread house party, holiday baking with mom
twinkling lights - everyday and night i am home they are on!
enjoy the details - a christmas house - one full of jingles, constant christmas music (lauren now points to the ipod to turn it on if music is not playing), shreds of ribbon and wrapping paper being found by a toddler, peppermint bark in all forms, lots of candles, batches of chex mix (its getting to be an unhealthy obsession), mismatched ornaments, christmas books everywhere, and the constant sound of elmo singing jingle bells  

this year i have seen and heard so much bad news and there are so many in need
i am really trying to take in all my blessings and enjoy the magic and details of the season that make it special


  1. I need to make me a manifesto!!

    And love the new blog banner.

  2. Good idea, I can't get into making a December Daily scrap book this year either, I figured with doing Project Life, it's kinda the same thing.

    I skipped doing a tree this year and just dressed up the fireplace mantel. I love your new layout. baby girl is SO precious as always.

  3. perfect. You are my hero Josie. No perfection for me either. In fact, it is taking all I have to not be stressed.

    I loved your Christmas card, your family is gorgeous and I want so badly to see you soon. Lets resolve to do a meet up in 2013 (early!) ok?