Tuesday, October 2, 2012

letting go

i've always had high expections, i have learned over the years i need to just be real and set the bar a little lower otherwise i will constantly be disappointed
(come on - who doesn't dream of a martha stewart christmas, in a pottery barn house, where you can go outside and take a walk down sugarplum lane?)

as a mother - the bar is really low - i can't control the weather, when babies get sick,  flat tires, photo locations under construction, rose bushes popping all my balloons, incomplete projects and well an eleven month who doesn't want to sit still

i had hopes of something like this

the day went like this

but thats okay nothing in my life maybe picture perfect but its pefect for me and i couldn't be happier


  1. this is how both o's 1st and 2nd birthday "photo shoots" went-- ballons are just FAR too interesting!!!!!!!

  2. I love the finished product. It's hanging proudly on my fridge and will go into my Project Life.

  3. This definitely made me chuckle! I can SO relate. They are such wiggle worms and hate to be still for any amount of time.

  4. your invite turned out AMAZING!!! can't wait for the party! :)