Wednesday, September 26, 2012

right now

right now i am distracting myself from a messy house, an empty fridge, no idea what to make for dinner, and there still being a hour left in my work day

how to shop at target - i laughed at them - i know you will to - we have all been there certainly item #4

homemade hot chocolate - i made this recipe last year and threw out all those yucky packets - last weekend i didn't have everything so i made this recipe - it was the most decandant i ever had plus bonus whipping cream mixed with marshmallows - who knew it made such a differnce

apple fest - hello fall- i love you

1. philosphy candy corn body wash & lip gloss 2. sweet dangerous not part of my clean eating but so tasty pumpkins 3. garnet hill scarves - i want them both 4. arm candy - a trend i love but could never pull off plus how in the heck do you type all that clanking would drive me crazy


  1. fall tv!
    my favorite!
    my poor dvr!!!!
    and now i'm off to read that target article.

  2. Ah yes. Fall scented body wash. Gets me every time.

  3. I'll have to check out the recipe ! I haven't had hot chocolate in ages, & the last time I had I assure you it was swiss miss packets. LOL.

    The Target list was funny! "Red & Khaki haze..." haha. Anyway, I have to agree with you on the garnet hill scarves ! If they're decent priced I'll have to encourage you to go ahead and buy them both!