Monday, September 24, 2012


dear old self,
remember when weekends were for sleeping in, leisurely trips to the grocery store and target, where I could throw a few "extras" in just because, when date nights were dinner, a movie and maybe a stroll through the bookstore or stop for ice cream, not knowing the luxury of cooking a meal start to finish without stopping or having something boil over or burn in the oven, choosing to stay in my pajamas and curl up on the couch and nest all day with a good book, recent magazine or gasp! lifetime movie marathons that you couldn't tear away from, making impromptu plans without having to worry about naptimes, and scrapbooking...

i miss you, some weekends i really do
but now
no sleep, rushed trips, date nights at home, cereal for dinner, never ending laundry, spending paychecks on diapers, are all worth the millions of hugs, kisses, & squeals of delight (that 500 trips down the slide bring)

love you baby girl


  1. A trip to Target alone, now fees like a vacation. I can totally relate ;) She is SO adorable.