Wednesday, October 10, 2012


dear running shoes,
we are doing it
only 3 months together and we've logged a lot of miles and many crossfit workouts
we still have a lot more to go, we hit our first obstacle with a 38 degree run on saturday morning
you thought i was going to give up but i finished

dear holiday catalogs,
thank you for reminding me how i poor i am

dear pinterest,
you are so so addicting but dangerous
i really really want to turn away
but you have introduced me to so many wonderful things

dear bobbi brown,
thank you for awesome lip gloss

dear project life,
i swear i haven't given up on you
i have all my pictures, thoughts and momentos tucked away
just not together - i will find the time

dear sweet baby girl,
how are you going to be a year old?
this has been the fastest year of my life
and i have loved every minute of it
but please please will you try to sleep in your crib more than 1.5 hours a night
i love holding you and snuggling you and waking up to your low whisper..hhhhiiiiiiiiii
but i am becoming very very sleep deprived
even though staring at your sweet face makes up for it

dear clean eating,
you are hard to keep up
i'm going for the 80/20 rule because if you know me i will not turn down an invitation for
pizza, nachos or ice cream
cut me some slack
i'm down to one cherry coke a week
i know i cheated last week and had one at 9am instead of my smoothie but it was a really really bad morning

dear halloween candy,
why are you tempting me
not just in the aisles of target or giant bags at costco
but everyday at work at every meeting at every luncheon

dear kitchen table,
why can't you stay clean?

dear fall,
thank you for always being beautiful


  1. Dear Josie,
    Thank you for blogging!!!

    P.S. I miss you.

  2. Dear Josie,
    Love reading your blog again :)

  3. Note to self: buy running shoes & stop being lazy.

    ANYWAYYYYYYY, your daughter is absolutely beautiful. I love her little birthday outfit. SEE you did get one good shot from your mini photo shoot disaster ;)

    & don't they grow up so fast? It was like I blinked my eyes and suddenly my little boy was about to be 2 years old.

  4. Dear Josie,

    You rock girl. Thank you for being so you. Let's try and plan a grown up get together ok? would love to see you in person!


  5. looooove this post! :)
    it's all perfect! :)