Friday, October 26, 2012

1st Birthday Party

The 1st Birthday
I tried to keep it simple
No theme, just colors - pink orange and yellow
Pinterest deserves a big thank you
as does my momma - who made all the cakes
and helped make my vision a "reality"

If you follow me instagram you have seen most of these but here is recap
I took 3 days off of work prior to the party- partly to work on my wannabe projects, bake and decorate but really just clean (aka move all the piles in my house to an overstuffed closet) 
I was so off schedule those days and survived on cherry coke, halloween candy and homemade chex mix

My big project that I really wanted that actually got done was her highchair (mainly thanks to my dad who will do anything for his granddaughter) it was my first purchase ever off of craigslist it was a steal for $20

I prayed and prayed for good weather because 50 people will not fit in my tiny house or garage
I got so lucky, it was a little chilly but beautiful. And Lauren got to enjoy the bounce house for the first time.

Since I am not Amy Atlas nor her friend or have a budget to afford such service this was our dessert table.

The details - the now must have stripey straws, polka balloons, cookies, rice krispy treats on a stick, cakes by my momma, mini cheesecakes (original, oreo and twix), the mix station (my favorite) homemade caramel corn, chex mix, peanuts, m&ms, candy corn, & reese pieces.  Since it was chilly I had a coffee station and hot chocolate. The hot chocolate went over well, I made three batches.  It was definately sweet but so tasty.

The little one enjoyed her cake - but she was very dainty and neat. I didn't even have to change her shirt.  Daddy did smear cake in her face but she took it well.

It was a wonderful day and I can't thank everyone for their help and coming to celebrate.

Thanks to this girl for taking what is my favorite picture and bringing her adorable little ones.


  1. Happy Birthday sweetpea!!! She is so darling. The birthday party looks perfect. I love all the details you put into it (and omg do I love that highchair).

  2. Awesome, Josie!!
    I'm so sad I missed it.

  3. everything looks SO amazing.
    you thought of every detail!!!
    love it so much.

  4. lovely Josie. That baby girl is so adorable. love you, love her.

  5. It was AWESOME. Totally amazing.
    I'm hiring you as my next party planner!