Thursday, October 25, 2012

one year ago today

the weather was unseasonably warm as it is today
i was 37 weeks pregnant and having a miserable day at work because i was so tired
my exciting evening plans were to go to costco and the grocery store with my mom to stock up before the baby came
i called her on the way home from work that i was too tired to go
came home and went directly to bed
i woke up around 8 because of a sharp pain
and then decided i was hungry for dinner
i stood at the stove and made homemade cheeseburger macoroni
and told my husband it was very uncomfortable to stand
and i thought i was having contractions
i finished dinner, sat down to watch tv and the contractions got more intense
called the doctor on duty
who told me to come in since i was already 3 centimeters dialated and was told to stop working out last week
so i "prettied" myself up, packed the car and happily walked into the hospital
checked me into labor and delivery
after an hour of no progress and no contractions on the monitor
even though i swore to the resident the contractions were horrible and intense
they told me "its your first baby, you have plenty of time"
you could stay but go home to your own bed
it was painful to change into my own clothes and i kept thinking it was a mistake to leave
but maybe a night in my own bed would be good
it was  a bad ride home, my poor husband who i yelled at for going over every pothole as i cursed the city of chicago
by the time we got home i was miserable and thought there is no way i can make it another day
this has to be labor
off to bed i went
i didn't sleep at all
i was in a place i never wanted to return to
swore to my husband there would be no more kids after this if this is what labor is like
it was a very LOOOOONNNNGGGG and painful night