Friday, November 2, 2012

Favorite Beauty Products

I still remember the day my mom told me I was "allowed" to wear lipgloss and only lipgloss to school.  - you would have thought she told me I didn't have to go to school anymore - I was that excited.  Off to walgreens we went, I swear I walked the aisle for an hour looking for the perfect lipgloss.  I soon after in high school discovered the world of Ulta and the ever expanding options of make up and then bestill my make up loving heart - the mothership Sephora arrived and well I have never been the same.  Finding that perfect shade or the one product that changes your life still makes me happy.  And now after 20 years ( i feel old typing that - really I was 13 - 20 years ago!?) of reading countless reviews,  wasting money and lots of trips to Sephora, I found some favorites.

Purity with the Clarisonic, Help Me Retinol Cream
Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash, Take a deep breath moisturizer
Kate Somerville Exfolikate - I LOVE THIS -   This is an expensive product and to be honest I haven't bought it yet because of that, I am living off samples from Nordstrom and Sephora.
evening and morning for the eyes
Clinique all about eyes  de puffing serum
Kiehls avocodao eye treatment (read the reviews here and here)

The combination of these 2 are amazing! I roll on the serum, wait a minute then apply the eye creme.  Every morning and night.  Seriously - even if you don't wash your face (which you should) or are a zombie heading to bed at least apply the eye stuff - you will thank me in the morning.  If you only buy one, buy the kiehls.

I am a philosophy girl.  I have tried every brand/product out there from drugstore to high end and I always come back to philosophy.  I would like to try the entire Kate Somerville line but it is costly. I have always been plagued by acne and the only thing that really keeps it aways is clean eating.  I really thought I just needed a different product but seriously its the only thing that gets rid of it. After finding a good doctor she told me the first thing to limit was dairy (and I laughed).  Get rid of cheese, chocolate milk - not going to happen.  So she said at least eliminate any dairy product with   rBGH (the growth hormone) and give up skim milk (switch to 2%), so I did .  Just from changing dairy the results were immediate.   My face is an open book, you can tell when I am not following clean eating. 

Make Up
Too Faced Shadow Insurance - the best eye shadow primer - no creasing - read  the 4200 reviews - it has a cult following
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer
L'Oreal double extend mascara - i have tried every top of the line brand - save your money for $8.99 at target this is a steal
The best eyeshadows for long wearing and true color - MAC, urban decay & bobbi brown
Bobbi Brown - Long Wear Gel Eyeliner

Invest in good quality brushes - they are expensive - I am still putting my collection together - recommended - Trish McEvoy, Bobbi Brown & MAC

And to store all that wonderful makeup - my muji acrylic organizers 
I use the the 2 drawer for everyday & brushes and the 5 drawer for the extras


Kerastase - I can't recommend enough - it has saved my hair. It is pricey - but a little goes a long way and I can now sometimes go 2 to 3 days without washing.

Suave dry shampoo - Days when you don't wash - a few sprays and you are good to go. I was very reluctant to buy this but it seriously does the same exact job as every other high end brand

What do you recommend?


  1. Thanks for the dry shampoo rec. I have been thinking about trying it but wasn't sure if the drugstore brand would do the job!

  2. this is all fascinating to me!
    i think i need to start finding more beauty supplies!

  3. I'm curious about this fancy shampoo. I can't imagine only having to wash my hair twice per week. I am an every day sort-of-gal.

    And, I need some of those organizing drawers.

  4. :) You know what I like - weird hippie stuff that nobody's ever heard of!!